Limitless, unique, unconventional, uncompromising, individualistic.

Individuality is the luxury of our time

No Compromise!

We take the finest materials and turn them into exclusive products. Amongst customers who visit the Eissmann Individual GmbH premises in Münsingen, expectations naturally run high, and with good reason. Our customers are people of considerable means who know that we can achieve the enhancements they aspire to for their yacht, plane, villa or everyday items. It makes no difference to our specialists whether they are presented with just a sketchy idea or a very specific design brief. They have the passion, the dedication and the exceptional specialist knowledge that makes them equal to such very special projects.


Refinement of yachts, airplanes, recreational vehicles, cars, villas or everyday objects.

Perfection & Just-In-Time

Full-service supplier for laminate, upholstery and leather-cladding projects.

Vision becomes reality

From initial conception through development and on to production.

No compromise

The finest materials

Cladding of surfaces by fine leather, rich fabrics or precious woods.

No compromise

Developing products that are well-and-truly out of the ordinary – this is Eissmann Individual's passion.

All over the world

As a member of the Eissmann Group Automotive, we are at home all over the world.


Take the best and make it even better!

We are especially committed when it comes to highlighting the virtues of a fine leather, high quality fabric or wood, a role that we perform on a daily basis.It is not simply a matter of covering surfaces with available high-quality materials. Our creative designers are constantly coming up with unique new products and discovering new forms of finish. Look and feel are inseparably linked in this field. The latest example of this is a 3D relief with stylised roses growing out of the leather, or a depiction of wave structures on wall panels which combine harmoniously with the space.

It is challenging to get the in-demand materials such as Stingray, goatskin, alligator- or snakeskin into the desired format. It takes many years of experience of these materials, which are anything but easy to work with, in order to meet customers' unpredictable wishes – for furniture and furniture add-ons and also for accessories. Eissmann Individual relies here on a pool of designers, material producers and suppliers from their international network. With a little help from these other professionals our refinement specialists are able to give their customers a feeling of uniqueness. Each customer receives precisely the product that they are looking for!

The highest form of individuality is creativity.

Modern technology plays a part in absolutely everything nowadays. However, top-quality hand-crafted one-off products always have and still do depend on perfection. Perfection underpins everything we do at Eissmann Individual - from initial conception through development and on to production. Employees of Eissmann Individual set extremely high standards for their own work. This highly specialised firm produces one-off items of furniture with the aid of CAD and also creates floors and staircases using Eissmann Individual floor tiles finished with a thick layer of leather. We also coat wall and ceiling sections with leather, fabric or Alcantara as well as upholster furniture and beds, and produce leather trims for consumer items such as coffee pots, fountain-pens, lamps and cupboard door handles.

Getting from the first napkin sketch to the finished product is a living process, and one in which the customer is also fully involved. Every phase of product development is communicated and documented in open dialogue, everything is done with total transparency. Eissmann Individual makes sure that its customers get precisely what they want with absolutely no compromises. Developing products that are well-and-truly out of the ordinary – this is Eissmann Individual's passion.



Scuttling around the oceans of the world are yachts boasting luxury interiors that were created in the foothills of the Swabian Alb mountains. This is where the experts work who can create that unmistakably extra-special ambience on the ocean waves. They can either approach jobs flexibly according to the customer's design preferences or they can develop specific products, based purely on visions, ideas and suggestions that have been put down on paper. Alternatively, the design can be based on sophisticated spatial concepts. Separate teams travel the world to implement new designs or redesigns on the yachts of their customers. Furnishing is always carried out using the very finest of materials. Although we work mainly with high-quality leather coverings, we do also produce and work with combinations of other materials. All these operations are highly complex, and transform yachts into ocean-going palaces.



Up above the clouds – the freedom opened up by Eissmann Individual when it comes to interior design is as limitless as the feeling of flying itself. No longer is traveling a taxing and purely functional event; instead it is possible for a traveller to relax and recharge their batteries. Unique designs for cabin walls, comfortable and exquisitely attractive furniture, floor coverings that emanate exclusivity, everything a million miles away from the boring standards that everyone knows and are found all over the place – these are the things that underpin Eissmann Individual's philosophy and principles.



Views and fashions are ever-changing: the current trend for exclusive furnishings is very evident not only in the world of luxury cars but in the world of caravaning too. Plenty of customers are keen to order conventional luxury products, but there is also an ever-increasing desire to really make a vehicle one's own with one-off, 'weird-and- wonderful' furnishings according to the owner's personal taste. This tendency is clear evidence that customers are looking for the same feeling in their car or mobile home as they have in their living room or exclusive lounge at home.


Once a customer gets used to living in a rarefied ambience on journeys in their yacht or plane, it's not uncommon for them to want to have their home transformed in similar fashion. Some customers turn to Eissmann Individual because they aren't content to have classy furniture or wallpapers off the peg but want to create a unique ambience with 'weird-and-wonderful' high-quality materials. Then, of course, items of furniture must also be perfectly in keeping with this "total artwork space", being compatible in design and materials and also compatible with one another.

Consumer goods


It is a pleasure to feel in your hand a gun that has been adorned with finest leather or a key fob made from another exquisite leather, each perfectly shaped and worked. Eissmann Individual takes excellent functional designs and enhances them in such a way that their look and feel combine in a perfect symbiosis.

Always be yourself!

Passion, the dedication and the exceptional specialist knowledge. Totally new time and time again, absolutely individual. Here are some examples of our portfolio.

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We look forward to your challenge!