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Seat covers

Exclusive seat covers for premium vehicles.

Automotive interior from individual production to mass production

Eissmann Individual supplies car and motorhome manufacturers with visionary ideas, economical concepts and automotive interior components of the highest quality.




A vision realized by Eissmann Individual stands out for its quality and design alone and creates a unique automotive feel-good ambience.
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Innovation concepts for prototypes.
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Exclusive products for series & aftermarket.
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Various materials for attractive surfaces.
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Noble equipment for limited editions.
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Efficient solutions for small and large series.

Automotive and caravanning

Individuality is a decisive factor

Views and fashion styles change over time: For example, there is currently a clear trend towards first-class equipment, not only with regard to luxury cars, but also in the caravanning segment.
This trend is reflected in the brisk demand for living and travel vehicles with standard luxury equipment. In addition, however, there is a growing interest among well-off buyers in individual premium features that are in keeping with their personal aesthetic perception.

Vision becomes reality

At the beginning of the automotive era, chrome and wood were standard in the vehicle interior until the 1980s, but today almost all equipment modules are made of plastics that hardly differ from vehicle to vehicle. Everything seems interchangeable.

The mainstream may be satisfied with plastic interiors, but quality-conscious individualists are looking for something special. This desire for upscale features is mainly expressed in the premium vehicle sector, but the mid-range cars of numerous manufacturers also feature dignified features such as exclusive hand seams, carefully selected leather, fine upholstery fabrics or interior woods.

Mobile Freedom

Here the customer's desire to feel like in the living room or in an exclusive lounge in the car or motorhome is clearly noticeable. Creating such a luxury experience requires a high level of craftsmanship and special technical knowledge. Materials must be perfectly matched and seams drawn like with a ruler - only the handwork of experienced specialists ensures that an impression of quality is conveyed, which is usually found in residences or luxury yachts.

From concept to series production

Based on the decades of expertise of the parent company, Eissmann Individual specialists identify possible component individualization steps during the concept phase of the respective vehicle.

Together with the customer they create specifications and requirement profiles, which serve both the compilation of the possibilities and the production of prototypes.

Demanding Tasks

In cooperation with designers, Eissmann Individual develops exclusive concepts and processing options. On the basis of a permanent dialogue and effective cooperation with the other production areas - including, of course, access to the pool of materials, technologies and experts - the realization of demanding tasks is the daily routine of a successful medium-sized company. The aim is to create a competent concept with a product exactly tailored to the respective environment. A product realized by Eissmann Individual stands out - just because of its quality and design.

Eissmann Individual supplies caravan and passenger car manufacturers with exclusive components. The broad spectrum of products ranges from instrument panels and seat covers to headliner components and key shells made of leather.

Competent advise

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and ideas. We look forward to turning your challenges into reality.